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New Holland FR500 Forage Harvester


New Holland has recently launched its famous forage harvester FR500 in India. This forage harvester is self-propelled and looks like a combine harvester. 

There are many advanced features of this forage harvester i.e. IntelliView™ IV monitor to view almost all the operations and parameters of the machine on an LCD display, Power Cruise™ II to control the speed of the machine according to the density of the crop, HydroLoc™ to have a uniform length of copping & Advanced MetaLoc™ to detect the metal and prevent it from going into the feed chamber.

New Holland Forage Harvester FR500

What is  a Forage Harvester?

Forage harvester is a self-propelled (has its own engine and drive) harvester used to cut and chop the forage and fodder for crops i.e. maize, alfalfa, barley, millet, grass and canola etc. Normally in India, these crops are cut with hand or small tractor trailer harvester. These methods are effective for a domestic livestock. 

But if you are a dairy farm owner or deal with huge livestock then this machine can be quite handy. The forage harvester can cut, chop and place the chopped crop inside the trailer at the same time. The forage is just ready to be fed to the livestock and minimizes the time limits.

New Holland Forage Harvester flow
Power Cruise™ II feature

New Holland has started a revolution by introducing the forage harvester in Indian market. For sure it will attract dairy farmers, govt agencies. India needs such machines to grow its agriculture based economy.

More information and technical details about this forage harvester can be obtained from New Holland India official website. All India toll free number 1800-419-0124 can also be reached for details.

IntelliView™ IV monitor, Power Cruise™ II, HydroLoc™ and Advanced MetaLoc™ are registered trademarks/patents of New Holland agriculture.

Source: New Holland India official website.