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News » Escorts Agri Tractor Volume Rises to 29% in May

Escorts Agri Tractor Volume Rises to 29% in May 2017

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Escorts agri has sold 6886 tractors in May month which calculates to 29% raise over last year data of 5331 tractor in the same period.

This is very positive trend and exceptional growth is expected further, said company.

India business stood at 6770 tractors against 5252 tractors in May 2016, resulting in a growth of 29%.

On the other hand the export growth surged at 47% with total 116 units sold in May month against 79 units in May last year.

Nevertheless to say that Escorts agri is one of the front line company in India when it comes to agri equipment business.

Total sales for domestic and export all together stood at 6,886 tractors in May 2017. The shares of Escorts agri is currently trading at Rs. 704.15 which is huge growth as compared to trading value of 173.80 in June 2016.

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